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Making calls fifth most popular use for smartphones, says report

We spend twice as much time browsing the internet

A new study has confirmed what most users are perfectly aware of; that making calls is not even close to being the main use for our smartphones.
Mobile network O2 and phone manufacturer Samsung have surmised that we spend, on average 24 minutes 49 seconds per day browsing the internet, as opposed to just 12 minutes 15 seconds using the device to make voice calls.
In fact, making calls is only the fifth most popular daily feature, behind browsing the web, using social media (17 mins), listening to music (15 mins) and playing games (14 mins).
Below making calls comes writing emails (11m), sending text messages (10 mins), watching TV and movies and reading books (both 9 mins).
Rounding out the top 10 was using the device's camera (3 mins).